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Present-System using Control Laser Pointer

Present-System allows the user to easily manage the presentation or another document on the big screen. Present-System will be useful for the presenter, lecturer, teacher. Instead of an assistant for control, you need Control Laser Pointer or Laser Blaster.

With this device, the user remotely controls the computer, indicating by laser beam the interface objects on the screen and pressing the control buttons. Actions with windows of operating system, moving objects (Drag and Drop), drawing with a beam, managing computer documents, games, simulators, etc. are easily performed. Functionally, the Present System approaches the interactive of a whiteboard, but can work with large screens and costs several times cheaper.

The Laser Pointer of Present System can use both radio and IR interface commands. After a series of tests of design options, the Developer did not make a final decision on the design of the Control Laser Pointer. While it is proposed to apply the well-proven Laser Blaster not only for games, but also for managing the Present-System.

The clips

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Youtube link Quiz "Poets of the Silver Age" in 9th grade of secondary school. The match is controlled by Laser Blaster! In Russian. 08:25   Initial

1440 x 1080


5 MBit/s

June 2018
biology2_e.wmv The lesson of biology at school with usage of Control laser pointer. Know the experience of innovator! 05:56 84.5 MB 720 x 576 2 MBit/s March 2009
ggraphy7a_2M.wmv Remote control of educational multimedia disks. 01:52 25.3 MB 720 x 576 2 MBit/s January 2007
good_day_2M.wmv Laser draws greeting  on the screen. 00:44 10.3 MB 720 x 576 2 MBit/s March 2006
school1.wmv The students use "laser mouse" for their presentations. It was used early version of the device. In Russian, with no subtitles. 05:02 13 MB 360 x 288 384 KBit/s December  2005
chess_c.wmv Chess game on large screen. It was used early version of "laser mouse". 01:09 5.6 MB 360 x 288 768 KBit/s February 2005

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