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The best samples of remote control units for computer presentations or games on the big screen use buttons, trackball or gyroscopic device for mouse cursor movement. These devices are often equppied with a laser pointer. The laser pointer is not used for control of the computer here, and operates only as index onto screen objects to the audience.

However the ergonomics claims that for a person quicker and more conveniently directly to specify required elements of the interface on presentation screen, than to click buttons, rotate a trackball or to do movements by hands for a gyroscopic mouse.

For convenience of interaction with the computer at information output on the big screen the Softwerk company developed System for remote control of the computer (patents of the Russian Federation No. 2216766, 2322686). Principal components of such System are Control Laser Pointer (CLP), Video Signal Processor (VSP) and the video camera directed to the presentation screen.

Initially, two versions of the System were planned: Present-System (CLP in the form of remote control unit) and Game System (CLP in the form of gaming Blaster).

Currently, only the version with Blaster is being produced, which is 100% capable of managing for presentations, lectures, quizzes, simulators and Laser shooting / games. We called this variant Educational-gaming Laser System.

Presentation about System

Sanitary expert opinion (.PDF original in Russian)

  • Distance Laser Pointer / Blaster - the screen: 10+ m

  • Distance Laser Pointer / Blaster - VSP: 10+ m

  • The interface Laser Pointer / Blaster - VSP: radio channel ISM 433MHz or IR-channel

  • Interface VSP - PC: USB or RS-232C

  • PC operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10



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biology2_e.wmv The lesson of biology at school with usage of Control laser pointer. Know the experience of innovator! 05:56 84.5 MB 720 x 576 2 MBit/s March 2009
zvezda_2Me.wmv The scene about "laser mouse" from TV program "Technodrom of I.P.Kulibin's name" on TV channel "ZVEZDA" (Russian Federation) 04:54 70.3 MB 720 x 576 2 MBit/s November 2006


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