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August 2014

Game System is being released with serious updated electronics to improve the technical and consumer characteristics: auto-tuning for exterior lighting, radio channel instead of IR-channel, USB interface to the PC. When installing it only requires standard USB and UTP cables. Watch our site soon!

May 2011

High level software of Basic and Game Systems is updated (v.3.20). Now:

  • The programs without additional settings can be used for wire (RS-232C / USB) or for wireless interface to PC

  • The programs check presence of COM-ports of the computer (hardware or virtual)

May 2011

On page mount_e.htm it is possible to download the small design program which will calculate the optimum position of the video camera if a Customer plans to mount the equipment of Basic or Game System independently. On the same page the installation technology of System is described in detail and the sample of the Plan-scheme is presented. Nothing difficult!

April 2011

Samples of modules of laser simulator are assembled. The module is intended for an advanced gamer or for a sportsman-hunter and installed on a barrel of the weapon or weapon model. Two buttons ("trigger" and of aux. function) can be mounted inside a glove (we have pre-production models) or are installed by the user where he wishes. Now a gamer can destroy monsters with own weapon! And a sportsman-hunter can make better some skills by means of accessible training programs and his own gun instead of computer mouse, without real shots.


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