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«Within several years I apply control laser pointer at my lessons. It is possible to operate an interactive board on distance from any place in a classroom. Students with great desire work with objects on the screen and carry out interactive tasks sitting at their tables. The kids who hesitate to go to a blackboard have an opportunity to prove themselves as good students.»

Svetlana Glukhova,
a teacher of biology at school in Moscow area

«The usage of the control laser pointer is especially effective during laboratory works when structure of various machines is learned. During the works repeated virtual assembling / disassembling of units on the projective screen are carried out. Such task is inconvenient with applying usual trackball and gyroscopic mouse.»

Vladimir Il'ichev,
the professor, head of sub-faculty [Details of machines and the theory of mechanisms] in the Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology, Moscow

«QUESTION: Why it was interesting for you to use the Game System? What its advantages in comparison with a game you simply sit close computer, with the mouse? - ANSWER: Because it is the unique control system strongly differed from other devices of control of mouse / game. When you use laser blaster you receive much more effect of presence inside the game. QUESTION: How do you think, group game via network would be interesting? (For example, duels 1-1 or 3-3 on several Systems.) - ANSWER: Yes, because not how everyone can move a mouse along a rug here is found out, but all coordination of the person, skill to aim etc.»

Constantine Sergeev,
16 years old, student, young inventor and gamer, Moscow

Shooting gallery of new generation

Softwerk company: Following rules of business ethics, we have replaced the names of some products with dots (...) in author article.

The love to weapons and to shooting galleries is peculiar to the Russian person. Already for a long time in parks it's offered to fire not at iron mechanical targets, but at heroes of the interactive video movies changing the script depending on accuracy of shooting. However, such shooting galleries, including the most widespread multimedia shooting gallery "...", have rather primitive scripts ("SWAT", "Hostages") and do not respond to a modern level of IT-technologies of games. In similar shooting galleries it is used own game programs and a "rifleman" doesn't feel of the game process familiar to all with occurrence first shooters, Dooms, Quakes for computers and game boxes. Besides, the cost of bullets sharply reduces interest in similar entertainments.

For a long time much of us would like to play at home in various popular shooters, to be at war with monsters or fascists in true manner - holding in a hand not mouse the manipulator, but the hilt of the weapon equipped with a trigger hook and a sight. Besides, not buying bullets and also all this must be not dangerous. Nostalgia on Dendy's "Duck Hunt" with a light pistol constantly pressed: on the one hand - why something similar is not present for ŠŃ till now , on another hand - gave firm conviction, that necessarily soon it will appear.

There were whole directions for realization of a domestic shooting gallery. Videoshooters of American Laser Games company (<>): Mad Dog McCree, Crime Patrol and others represent the series of  video produced as usual film, with actions depending of accuracy of shooting. However nor decisions of American Laser Games (Digital Leisure) based on application of light pistol Games Gun, nor the monster of entertaining industry SEGA (House Of The Dead) could not provide the game process expected by gamers.

It became clear that the result will be received faster if to attach a park laser shooting gallery to ŠŃ games and to get an interactive laser shooting gallery for popular shooters at home. Therefore I began to look closely at interactive laser shooting galleries and to separate devices, allowing to control the mouse cursor by laser. The most famous shooting gallery was "...". However it, as well as others, uses special game applications but not all computer games are compatible to its control program. The cost of shooting gallery "..." and similar to it "..." exceeds in some time the cost of the set from Softwerk company. The main thing, that the shooting gallery (the game system) from Softwerk gives an opportunity to play any games, without restrictions because it completely emulates computer mouse and has various modes, for example, switching-off the driver, switching modes relative / absolute coordinates. The low price in comparison with other offers, rich functionality and approbation with popular games have provided the choice of the game system from Softwerk.

Process of installation by own efforts has not caused special complexities, however it would be desirable that the calibration process will be similar to standard procedures of calibration for touch screens and interactive boards. The majority of installation problems are levelled by good technical support of the manufacturer, for example, at installation the manufacturer has replaced a standard colour-filter for video camera with more light, appropriated to my projector and to level of illumination at my room.

Between advantages of the system it is possible to point out accuracy of positioning, universality of system: emulation of mouse cursor allows to use not only games, but also any applications controlled by the cursor. Depending on the application the game system may be used both weapons for shooter-games and realization of a domestic shooting gallery with a set of targets or videoplots. In addition, it's possible to use both visible laser of type "laser pointer", and invisible, working in infra red range. Besides, two control buttons are stipulated for the laser blaster: right and left buttons of mouse.

Installation of the game system from Softwerk is completed, and you have a shooting gallery of new generation: a combination of a shooting gallery and game computer technologies, technique of shooting and thrilling plots of liked shooters. Unimportantly, what shooters you prefer: fierce combat against monsters or Call of Duty, it is important, that now it is not necessary to move "rodent" along rug, because you have the blaster hilt instead of "mouse" in your hand.

Certainly, game process would be more realistic with mass-size model of machine gun, moreover with feedback at shots. We hope for soonest appearance of such accessories.

The following step for increase of depth of immersing inside a game is the system of player movement. For this purpose in structure of the game system from Softwerk the IR-keyboard representing the wireless keyboard with a set of programmed keys is stipulated.

Dmitry  Aver’janov, Moscow


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